How To Wear Leather Jacket


 Jackets are one of the most stylish and at the same time convenient clothing items that males wear for any occasion--from the most casual daily tasks to formal ones and in-between, there is a jacket for every man and occasion. And the best part is, men’s jackets can be worn by men of all ages and still look appropriate.



Like every clothing piece in a male’s wardrobe, there are many different variations of a jacket based on the materials/fabric they are made of, color and of course style and design of the jacket. A man should have at least one jacket in their wardrobe that can be worn up or down depending on the occasion. For example, a brown or Mens leather jackets can be worn with a simple solid-color t-shirt whereas the same jacket can be worn with a nice and polished shirt for a semi-casual and stylish look.


To make your choice easier, here are the most common types of men’s jackets.


No 1: The denim jacket. The denim jacket is a casual twist of the ordinary jacket made of thick denim material to give it more or jacket feel rathern than a t-shirt look. Denim jacket pretty much goes with everything although it’s most suitable for casual wear.



No 2: The hoodie jacket. This jacket has typically a zipped closure in the front but it’s made of soft cotton or synthetic material instead of leather. The hoodie jacket is one of the most comfortable jackets to wear and is suitable for most daily occasions. The hoodie jacket goes with ideally a plain or slogan t-shirt inside for a more stylish and distinct appearance. 

Mako Biker Jacket
Mako Biker Jacket

No 3: The bomber jacket. This jacket is made typically of synthetic material of multiple layers and insulation to give it a more puffy look. Bomber jackets have been inspired by the military/special forces and besides style, they also offer protection from wind and elements since most bomber jackets are wind and waterproof.



No 4: The leather jacket. Probably one of the most popular jacket types of all times, the leather jacket will never run out of style as it suits any age and occasions and gives off a stylish western look. Leather jackets, if made of quality real or synthetic leather can really last a lifetime. Leather jackets usually come in black, brown, beige, navy blue, or dark gray color.

Firestorm Hooded Jacket
Firestorm Hooded Jacket

No 5: The suit jacket. This is probably the most formal form of jacket as it a part of a semi-formal or formal suit, typically in high quality synthetic material with


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